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Stephanie Rasulo

Large Linen Ice Dyed Shawl

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$120.00 USD
Large multipurpose ice dyed linen shawl/sarong/throw/picnic blanket/etc...

-Large size: 74" x 50"
-100% Linen
-Ice dyed by hand.
-Hemmed on all sides.

I love a gigantic linen shawl! I stuffed one in my bag during a recent trip to Florida. It served as a shawl in the air conditioning; a sarong at the pool; a beach blanket...I could go on and on...

The 100% linen fabric is breathable and keeps you cool when it's warm and warm when it's cool.

Linen feels somewhat crisp when it is new, but it becomes very soft with washing and wear.

Every shawl is hand dyed and sewn by me:)