cozy quilted shibori patchwork jacket

cozy quilted shibori patchwork jacket

woman wearing colorful patchwork quilted jacket, her black hair is in a ponytail, she is standing outside in front of a white wall

This past year has basically made me want to wrap myself in a quilt 24/7. It's a little cumbersome to leave the house in a full sized bed spread, so I made this little jacket as an alternative. This one is mine, but I'll be adding another hand dyed quilted jacket and some other quilted goodies to my store in a few weeks. Each piece will be one of a kind, so once it sells, it's gone!

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woman with black hair in a ponytail, wearing a colorful patchwork quilted jacket, with her hands in her pockets

back view of woman wearing colorful hand dyed shibori quilted jacket

Stay warm!